10-05-2017 we have received our AEO-F certificate from Dutch Customs, which in our opinion is a confirmation of our growing company quality. Since Flushing Shipping Agencies b.v. was established in 2006, we all have been working continuously on improving process development and therefore our level of quality and services to our clients.

Receiving the AEO-F certificate proves we are on the right track but we are still looking forward to further development.

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For every shipment, whether it is dry or wet bulk cargo, our team of professionals can provide expert service and advice. With our know-how regarding this type of cargo, we are able to organise the formalities and provide your goods with the appropriate care and supervision. Just see us as your one stop shop.


Our team of specialists is fully aware that the offshore marine sector is unique and specialised and requires dedicated port agency and logistics services. Our team has the knowledge and experience to give you 24/7 assistance in order to ensure you receive a first class service. Just see us as your one stop shop.


For every shipment of fresh and frozen products, our team of professionals can provide expert service and advice. With our know-how regarding these vulnerable goods, we can arrange all the formalities and make sure your shipment receives the appropriate care and specific supervision. Just see us as your one stop shop.


The full service concept is an important aspect of our job. Our office is manned by experienced professionals who will always represent your interests in a personal, reliable and respectable manner. Working in close consultation with port authorities and other parties, we can ensure that your ship and cargo are in safe hands, at all times. In case any changes occur, we will adjust to these changes. You can leave your worries behind with our full service concept; that is our mission.
No matter where you are, you can rest assured that our personal approach and commitment will ensure that your ship and cargo are receiving the required attention. Positive or negative news, we will make sure all parties are duly informed and assist where necessary. Our clients value our flexibility, speed of work, organisational capacity, and last but not least our honest pricing.


Our home port is Vlissingen, in the maritime world also known as Flushing. These ports are open, offer direct access to the sea and are well accessible. Additionally, the flexible approach and variable working times mean there is rarely any congestion. Docks and quays are easily accessed and located in a short distance from our office. Airports, other ports, the railways, transport companies and the hinterland are all situated just a stone’s throw away.


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4455 TE, Nieuwdorp
The Netherlands
T: +31 118 480 180

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Call us +31 118 480 180
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